‘It: Chapter 2’ Cast Has Been Finalized

It Chapter 2 - Andy BeanDirector Andy Muschietti graced the big screen with the revival of Stephen King’s famous fucked up clown Pennywise in It last year. The movie was a great success raking in $700 million and $327 million domestically. Not only did the movie make money, but it gave chills. It was refreshing to see in a genre that is so redundant and dull. Granted, the story was not original as it was based off of King’s novel, but it gave the audience something that is often lost in the horror genre — a good story.

To no surprise, a sequel is planned It: Chapter 2 which will focus on the when the characters return to their hometown to face Pennywise again. According to Variety, Andy Bean has been cast to play Stanley which wraps up the cast. Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy and Bill Hader will play Beverly, Bill, and Richie. The greatest news of all is Bill Skarsgard will return as Pennywise to scare the shit out of you.It Chapter 2 - Pennywise

It: Chapter 2 is expected to be released on September 6th, 2019.


Sources: https://variety.com/2018/film/news/andy-bean-stanley-it-chapter-2-exclusive-1202812635/


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