Amazing Movie Poster Art

For the fans, by the fans.

We’re here because we clearly love movies. Movies are art. Posters are art. Movie poster fan art is art about art, holy shit! Check out some of these amazing pieces seen around the inter-web!

First, we have a nice simple piece of Django in Django Unchained. Cool colors and a calm demeanor reinforces such an amazing scene in the movie.

Fan Art - Django


Next we have some creative genius at work in the poster for Inception. The layers in the head point to the layers of dreams the group must navigate in the movie.

Fan Art - Inception


Some deep red to represent blood makes a lot more sense when we’re checking out a Tarantino movie. This intense and forward movie poster is for Tarantino’s masterpiece, Inglourious Basterds.

Fan Art - Inglourious Basterds


We find this The Dark Knight Rises poster to have an interesting color choice, but it is still an amazing piece to look at nonetheless. The bats at the bottom coming together to make up Batman’s cape is amazing.

Fan Art - The Dark Knight Rises


I mean, do we even need to say anything about this amazing piece. A movie poster for The Revenant depicting the two main characters. If you notice, DiCaprio’s shoulder fades into the mountains at the bottom. Similar to The Dark Knight Rises poster above, it’s a very cool blend.

Fan Art - The Revenant


This Whiplash poster is off the charts! Showing some of the harsh words Fletcher used to berate Andrew with across his face, mixed with Andrew’s raw emotion give a great look into the movie.

Fan Art - Whiplash


Did you enjoy these posters? If so, we highly suggest you look around for more. There are tons of artists out there that have posters such as these that go unnoticed. Check them out and share their work with others!


*We do not OWN any of the posters above.

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