MastermindsDavid Ghantt (Zach Galifianakis) is slowly creeping by in life driving an armored truck. His life is at a stall and he’s slowly dwindling down into the trash life that was destined for him. David’s crush and former co-worker, Kelly Campbell (Kristen Wiig), approaches David about robbing the very company that he works for. Despite the lack of intelligence, Ghantt somehow pulls off the heist of a lifetime getting away with $17 million in cash. A police pursuit is soon to follow as Ghantt must balance his own stupidity and that of others involved while avoiding capture.

Masterminds sadly follows what has come to be a trend for big name comedy movie stars. There was a lot of slap happy humor in the movie. However, the movie lacked depth and genuine dialogue. It was an hour and a half packed with ridiculous jokes. There is no denying that we laughed our ass off at parts, but it became redundant. It seems that Galifianaksi has fallen into the shit pile that Ferrell and Sandler have.

Again, David Ghantt is white trash looking to follow the circle of life, becoming more white trash, until his crush Kelly Campbell presents him with the opportunity of a lifetime, robbing his own company. The plot seems simple and straightforward, until you realize it’s based off of a true story. That’s right, some idiot got away with stealing $17 million in cash, making it the largest heist in history. Ghantt and Campbell are joined by Steven Chambers (Owen Wilson), Jandice (Kate McKinnon), and Michael McKinney (Jason Sudeikis) for added layers of the same thing, quick funny jokes with not much else.Masterminds - Zack and Jason

Galifianakis’ portrayal of Ghantt was hilarious. He looked goofy as all hell and had a ridiculous accent. Kristen Wiig’s portrayal was equally as funny. Wiig has a knack for genuinely portraying losers that think they’re the shit, the Queen of the trailer park. Owen Wilson was just blah. He had his small moments, but outside of that it seemed that he was trying too hard. Sudeikis was similar, small parts that were funny, others that missed. However, it could be that by the time Sudeikis enters the movie, you’re already contemplating turning it off. Last, but not least, Kate McKinnon’s Jandice character is weirdly funny because she is weird as fuck. She humorously makes you so uncomfortable it’s baffling. You shouldn’t be laughing when you feel that weird, but you can’t help it.

Masterminds - Wilson WiigVisually, we’ll keep this sweet and short. The best visuals came from the looks and costumes of the players. From Galifianakis’ horrid wig to McKinnon’s horrifyingly creepy wedding dress, it was a white trash bonanza.

Masterminds is not a noteworthy comedy. It’s not something you would recommend to a stranger because they would soon come to think you had a horrible taste in movies. However, you may mention it to your friends while you were drinking bored out of your minds. There are quick glimpses of comedy throughout that seep through loads of shitty jokes. In conclusion, Masterminds is… bleh.

Rating: Limp Dick!


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